2016 Young Creative Entrepreneur Award Winner — Toki Nashiki

Congratulation to 2016 Young Creative Entrepreneur Award Winner — Toki Nashiki

Toki Nashiki is a ceramics studio and handmade ceramics brand established by Ryan Hui and Wy Lee.

In the highly Industrial century, everything in our daily life is mass-produced in factories. Hong Kong people prefer cheap and convenient items. But in Japan, it is extremely common to see handmade tableware in Japanese families. People in Japan show respect and appreciate their local craftsmanship.

Ryan and Wy want to bring more variation to our dining by their ceramics products, Kintsugi service and tailor-made ceramics tableware service. By promoting their concept, they hope to strike a balance between mass production and craftsmanship, to prevent the decline of craftsmanship. On top of that, they want to change public attitude towards tablewares and the concept of handmade tableware.

About the Young Creative Awards

The Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE) Award is a business start-up competition established in 2014 with generous funding of Mr. Brandon T.C. Liu. It is organised annually under the professional development and training branch of kaitak, the Young Artists Agency (YAA). The awardaims at encouraging students and recent graduates of the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) to develop their creative ideas into executable plans and self-sustainable innovative businesses.

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