Social Manufacture - Made in To Kwa Wan Exhibition Catalogue

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From the Factories

A compliation of Through Our Eyes participating students’ work, From the Factories reveals the diverse landscape of the lives and communities in Kwun Tong industrial district. This photobook also documents 24 studios and workshop spaces of artists, designers and cultural workers in the district to recount the history and re-development of Kwun Tong.

Art as Social Interaction Guide Book

In Taiwan, in recent years, as art finds more and more ways to interact with society at large, the role and function of art in our modern day society have become increasingly valued, seen as the symbol of democracy.
Aside from its historical roots in the western avant-garde art movement, this phenomenon is also closely related to the lifting of Taiwanese martial law rule in 1987 as well as the emphasis on community building, the implementation of public art and the demand for cultural civil rights, which began in the 1990s.

In Hong Kong, after 1997, with the drastic changes in political environment came the rise of the power of civil action; many creative advocacies and actions formed alliances and networks, evolving into an anti-establishment counter-culture. In the last few years, the core effort of the Hong Kong artistic community’s interaction with society has been to highlight through
art such issues as community living, preservation of cultural heritage, community development, residential right, environmental right, and memories of the past.