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    Through Our Eyes Photography Education Programme aims to provide a creative and engaging learning environment in which young people and the wider community can express themselves through the medium of photography. Our vision is to offer people new insight into seeing things from their own perspectives, enabling them to break away from preconceived notions framed by existing visual images and rediscovering the connections between their inner selves and their families, communities, cultures and social environments. Through a variety of workshops and social practice art projects, we seek to define photography in its broadest and most expansive forms and engage with people, especially the younger generation, to explore the possibilities of the medium and inspire their creativity. We also focus on offering training and development opportunities for artist-educators and other arts education professionals as well as fostering sharing of learning and teaching experience and experimental art practices through research and publication.

    Founded and funded by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation in 2005, the programme was handed over to and operated by kaitak, Centre for Research and Development of the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013. To achieve our vision, we are focused on the following key strategies:

    School Workshops
    We partner with secondary schools in different part of the city to conduct lens-based media workshops for Secondary 2 to 5 students every year. Apart from introducing basic photographic principles and techniques, the workshops aim to establish an engaging learning environment to nurture the students’ curiosity about their surroundings and bring the creativity and joy of learning into the classroom. Students may also have the opportunity to work in our studio and darkroom and create a body of artwork under the guidance of our artist-educators for the annual exhibition.

    Social Practice Art Projects
    Social practice art projects are tailored learning initiatives, working collaboratively with different cultural and social organisations and targeting different community groups. Through socially engaged art activities, we promote creative expression for all people and create connections between art and people’s lives and highlighting important issues for the individual and for society.

    Educator Training
    To promote professional development for arts education and nurture a new generation of artist-educators, we organise an extensive enhancement and training programme in visual arts education every year. We also organise various talks and sharing sessions to facilitate exchange on educational approaches, materials and skills among arts education professionals.

    Research and Publication
    Through a team of academics and experienced artist-educators, we take on various image-based research and curriculum development for the wider benefits of the arts, cultural and education sectors. We have also begun to develop online teaching resources based on the curriculum and documentation of our workshops. It is hoped that through such efforts, a clear, rich and diversified pool of resources will be made available for the schoolteachers in the future.



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