Tstsuya Ishiyama

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Artist in Residence : Tstsuya Ishiyama (02 – 04/2015)

Tetsuya Ishiyama is an active Japanese ceramics artist since 2002. Ishiyama held numerous solo exhibitions in many major galleries within Japan, including Mitsukoshi Art Gallery in Tokyo and Osaka as well as The Kurokabe Museum of Art. He has been getting more attention in the Asian region; recently he has exhibited in Young Art Taipei, Hangzhou Art Fair and Beijing Design Week. Ishiyama’s works are highly recognised: he has received a number of art awards in Japan and his works have also been collected by museums and institutes around the globe including Miho Museum (Japan), Mingei International Museum (USA) and Yingge Ceramic Museum (Taiwan).

During February to April this year, we have had Ishiyama as our Resident Artist who has conducted two workshops with our BA & MVA students on wood – firing and mini-gama building.  The works created at the workshops were then showcased at an exhibition took place at The Gallery, Kaitak Campus.

Wood-firing Kiln Building Workshop by AIR Airtist Tetsuya Ishiyama

Mini-gama Workshop by AIR Airtist Tetsuya Ishiyama

Wood-Fired Ceramics Exhibition

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