All what remains is you – Interactive Performance

12/07/2014 5:00 pm – 13/07/2014 8:00 pm Location: Gallery, Kaitak Campus, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University (51 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon HK)
Presenter: Kaitak Centre for Research and Development

This is the live performance of our 2nd resident artist Karem Ibrahim.
In a world where we accumulate knowledge and commodities that form great part of our culture commonly and personally, All what remains is you tried to investigate the personal and how it relates to the universal, looks at the culture we live in, and it’s positionally at a certain location and the system that governs it, the performance tried to peel away some of those layers to look for the value/s hidden beneath.

Date: 12-13/07/2014
Time: 5:00pm -8:00pm
Venue: Gallery, Kaitak Campus, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU (51 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

About Karem Ibrahim
Karem was born in Cairo. He studied at Cairo Art Academy, UEL and the Slade School of Art (UCL) and has participated in national and international art shows and events. He also affiliated with Critical Practice, a multi-disciplinary group, and is a member of the politically engaged Implicated Theatre group, he works in a variety of media. Taking his own observations and experiences as an Egyptian living in Britain as his starting point, Karem Ibrahim’s work explores value, in both its theoretical and tangible meanings. In one of his latest works, a mixed-media installation and performance “Randomly Selected”, he is inspired by borderline situations and transgressions as well as by the relationship between authority and inequality.

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