[Call for Submissions] Through Our Eyes (TOE) Photography Education Programme vol.2: The Medium of an Image

10/12/2016 12:00 am – 13/02/2017 11:55 pm Location:
Presenter: Kaitak Centre for Research and Development

Does coke taste better when it is contained in a can or a bottle? Does the container matter to the taste of coke? While there is no definite answer, it is for sure that “container” plays a role in the taste and texture of a photo.

Similar to the question of coke in a can or bottle, the medium of an image creates different reading experience to it; it could even endow the image with a new meaning. For instance, photos in different size and format, in photo album, on a poster, in a photo collection, in film, in lightbox, projected on screen or on website. In vol.2, we would discuss about how to make good use of medium for imagery presentation.

The theme of vol.2 is “The Medium of an Image” , we are now inviting imagery work submission from TOE alumni members, current TOE students and the public ( 1st priority: TOE students ). Please read the followings for the work form. No restriction on concept, number of work and size. But you are required to consider the final representation of the image to allow discussion on the relationship between image and its medium.

Work form should fulfill any from ( 1- 3) listed below:

1. On printed matters ( printed photos, poster, book, etc.) ;

2. On other materials (fabrics, wood board, transparent film, etc.) ;
IMG_2092  P1020036

3. Other forms (monitor, screen, digital, etc. )



Work Submission:

Please email your work (read Work Submission Format) and *statement together with your full name in both Chinese (if any) and English, age, career, contact number to mumblezine@gmail.com.

  1. Interested individuals could submit more than one work. However, TOE will have the sole right to determine the part of the series to be displayed. If the entries are in a series, they will be treated as one entry.
  2. Artist owns the full copyright.
  3. TOE does not accept plagiarism. Each participant is solely responsible for any liabilities, losses, damages, costs, payments, charges or expenses arising from the participation of this project and should keep indemnified for any claims or proceedings threatened, brought or established arising from the participation.
  4. Any costs arising from the production, postage, and other expenses are at the expenses of the participants.

* Statement should include work title, overall work introduction and description about how the work represents relation between image and medium.


Work Submission Format:

  1. Take a photo of the work and submit the photo.
  2. Photo size within 10MB in JPEG format.
  3. If the entries are in a series, please submit no more than 10 photos.


Deadline: Feb 13 2017 (postponed)


About  < Mumble Zine >
Mumble zine is a new project of TOE. It aims to build up a platform by establishing a zine in order to provide opportunities for young and blossoming photographers.  The project is led by TOE artist educator Leung Yiu Hong and Li Hiu Wa. The platform is expected to evolve and gradually led by the zine editing team participants in areas of photo- taking, editing, printing and publishing.  It is hoped to reach more of the youngsters interested in photography so that they could publish their work here and arouse more attention to Hong Kong photography development from the public.

Chief Editor: Leung Yiu Hong http://leungyiuhong.com/
Chief Creative Director: Li Hiu Wa http://www.lihiuwa.com/
Mumble Zine vol.1 online version


About TOE
Founded by the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation in 2005, Through Our Eyes (TOE) Photography Education Programme was handed over to and operated by kaitak, Centre for Research and Development of the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013. Since then, operation of the TOE programme has been funded by the Foundation.

TOE aims to provide a creative and engaging learning environment in which young people and the wider community can express themselves through the medium of photography. Our vision is to offer people new insight into seeing things from their own perspectives, enabling them to break away from preconceived notions framed by existing visual images and rediscovering the connections between their inner selves and their families, communities, cultures and social environments. Through a variety of workshops and social practice art projects, we seek to define photography in its broadest and most expansive forms and engage with people, especially the younger generation, to explore the possibilities of the medium and inspire their creativity.

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