rReal fiction

A screening of eteam’s “Space Delay,” 77min, 2015 is followed by a discussion around the topic of rReal fiction with Hera Chan, Videotage Hong Kong and eteam, artist duo NYC, USA and scholars in residence at HKBU.

“Six month ago we bought an Acre of Land on ebay. We paid $700 via paypal but never got the deed. Ebay didn’t care, paypal didn¹t care. We were on our own. Who are you, we wondered? We thought about it, speculated, and then on July 31st, 2013 we set out to find you.”

Date: 27 October 2017

Time: 18:00 – 20:00; Registration begins at 17:45

Venue: Mrs Padma Harilela Lecture Theatre (WLB 104), Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon

About Space Delay

Eteam’s latest essay film chronicles a foreign family’s search for a piece of the American Dream. They had virtually bought land on ebay, but never got it. If something as real and present as land never becomes present, what is present then? As they set out to chase the eBay sellers ­ first online, on YouTube, Facebook, flicker, yelp, tumblr, Kickstarter, indiegogo, instagram and then in real time, from New Mexico, to Colorado, Utah and Arizona the followers realize that they are always behind. Or that something is always behind them, that they are leading an almost post human after-life fueled with anxieties, dreams, cultural baggage and stereotypes that flare up and go into remission depending on their access to wifi and rocks.

The family’s search comes to a halt on the land they bought but never owned, an Acre of desert in Arizona scattered with pieces of petrified rock, where they stoically wait for three days until State Troopers arrive and turn the situation back into reality. Yet, while the government representatives sit in the air conditioned car and record the family¹s presence and verify their existence on their terms, the family starts to modify the possibilities of what this could be, if it wouldn¹t be them, but someone else, and the spiral of virtual vertigo goes into another round.

“Privacy has been abolished. Our cores are cracked open. We are sitting in an open pit of landscape and fail in plain sight. We don’t take any risks, we don’t do silly things, we don’t explore any boundaries. We are hollowed-out, we are silently going extinct, but we don’t complain. Because we are doing it comfortably.  We drive all day and into the night. We go extinct in a car with cup holders and air conditioning, we abolish life in a hotel with wifi and an indoor pool.

And the next morning we get up, find the piece of land and wait for THEM, so they can record our presence and verify our existence, while we start to modify the possibilities of what this could be, if it wouldn’t be us, but someone else. ”

About eteam

Since 2001 eteam (Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger) traffic in transience. At the intersection of relational aesthetics, the Internet and land art, eteam coordinates collective happenings and conceptual transactions between the earthly plane and the realms of the interweb, often reconstructed in hypnotic video work, radio plays, or more recently novellas.

Their projects have been featured at PS1 NY, MUMOK Vienna, Centre Pompidou Paris, Transmediale Berlin, Taiwan International Documentary Festival, New York Video Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, the 11th Biennale of Moving Images in Geneva, and the International Film Festival Rotterdam, among others. eteam is currently the Scholar in Residence in Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

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