TRANSIT 2019 Wabi-Sabi Today

Works by Students of Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design

March 5 – 16 2019, AVA121 Installation Room, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

Opening Reception: March 5, 18:30-20:30

Exhition Period: March 5-16, 10:00-20:00

Wabi-Sabi Today

Wabi-Sabi, a quintessentially Japanese aesthetic concept has inspired many artistic and cultural manifestations from tea ceremony, landscaping to contemporary photography. Wabi-sabiis often associated with seeing beauty in what is old, weathered or broken, and appreciating the true nature of things, living in the moment. While these ideals have guided artists over the centuries, what do they mean to the young generation of creators? In this exhibition, undergraduate artists and designers show their vision of the world and present a hint as to what might be a contemporary interpretation of wabi-sabiprinciples.

About Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design

Situated in Komaki City, on the outskirts of Nagoya, in the centre of Japan, Nagoya Zokei University (NZU) offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in areas such as fine art, animation, graphic design, and architecture. In the past years, a number of students form Hong Kong have come to study in Japan as part of a short-term student exchange programme between Hong Baptist University and NZU.


Every year since 2001, students of NZU have travelled abroad to show their work as part of the TRANSIT programme. This is the second time that TRANSIT is held in Hong Kong, after an exhibition at AVA in 2013.

Exhibiting Artists

Hayashi, Mirai (Fine Art)

Hayashi, Yuri (Fine Art)

Iwasa, Kaito (Graphic Design)

Kondo, Asaki (Media Design)

Kubo, Kanako (Fine Art)

Mishima, Kai (Fine Art)

Santos, Jaime Daniel Alsina (Fine Art) *Exchange student from Minerva Art Academy, Netherlands

Sasaki, Emi (Fine Art)

Sato, Tsukasa (Life Design)

Senba, Mizuki (Fine Art)

Shiraishi, Runa (Illustration)

Tanaka, Shu (Fine Art)

Yano, Kazuki (Illustration)

Yano, Mizuki (Illustration)

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