Visual Arts Education Workshop: Creativity and Practice

18/02/2017 10:30 am – 5:00 pm Location: AVA217, Kaitak Campus, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU (51 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon)
Presenter: Kaitak Centre for Research and Development

Visual Arts Education Workshop: Creativity and Practice

Through Our Eyes (TOE) Photography Education Programme is going to organise a one-day workshop on visual arts education. Secondary school teachers and arts education practitioners are cordially invited to join the workshop. Founded and funded by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation, the TOE Programme is operated by kaitak, Centre for Research and Development of the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. The programme aims to provide a creative and engaging learning environment in which young people and the wider community can express themselves through the medium of photography.

The workshop splits into two sessions – “Visual Arts Education Seminar” in the morning, where speakers share about art portfolio received from secondary students and introduce TOE online teaching material archive; “Teaching Material Practice and Demonstration” in the afternoon, where speakers demonstrate the exercises chosen from the online teaching material archive and how they could be implemented in secondary schools.

Date: 18th Feb, 2017
Venue: AVA 207, Kaitak Campus, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU ( 51 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon)
Target: Secondary school teachers and arts education pratitioners (Priority will be given to teachers in visual arts)

Session one: Visual Arts Education Seminar (Only a few seats left)
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Quota: 40
Language: English and Cantonese
Content: Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) has been receiving vast amount of art portfolios from the applicants for the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts programme. Generally speaking, what have the programme lecturers and programme director observed and found from the portfolio? We have invited Mr. Peter Benz, Programme Director of BA, to share his observation and findings from the local secondary students’ art portfolios. Besides, Ms. Wong Suk-ki, Programme Director of Through Our Eyes (TOE) Photography Education Programme and lecturer of AVA, will introduce TOE online teaching material archive.

Session two: Teaching Material Practice and Demonstration (FULL)
Time: 2:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Quota: 20
Language: Cantonese
Content: Most of the secondary schoolteachers are so occupied by teaching and administration work that they could barely squeeze time to create and organise teaching materials. The workshop shares two to three class exercises developed by TOE artist educators. They include “Warm-up Exercise” that plays a vital role in students’ class engagement and exercises that evokes creativity. The workshop also shares on implementation of the teaching materials in secondary schools.

Free of charge. First-come first-served. The Centre will provide a letter to the participating schoolteachers to prove the attendance and related hours. 

Enquiries: 3411-8210 / (Ms. Wong)

Online Registration

視覺藝術教學工作坊:創意與實踐|Visual Arts Education Workshop: Creativity and Practice

*Confirmation emails will be sent to successful registrants.

About the speakers:

Mr. Peter Benz
Associate Professor and Programme Director of BA, Academy of Visual Arts
In September 2006 Peter Benz took up position at the Academy of Visual Arts, initially teaching Spatial Design and other visual arts subjects for the BA (Hons) in Visual Arts-programme, for which he also serves as the Programme Director since September 2008. Starting from academic year 2011/12 , he has additionally been teaching various courses for AVA’s new Master of Visual Arts (Experience Design) programme, for which he equally is in charge of as the concentration coordinator.

Ms. Wong Suk Ki
Programme Director of Through Our Eyes (TOE) Photography Education Programme Lecturer of Academy of Visual Arts (AVA), Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)
 Wong Suk-ki (Ki Wong) dedicates time and effort on publishing projects including established an independent publishing group “29s” (2003 – 2009) in 2003; an international distributed photography and culture magazine called KLACK (2009 – 2012) to investigate local photographic culture, as well as to host cultural and art events; A Living Space, a 5 years art project, which aims to explore the intrinsic quality and possibility of life through a range of observation, exploration and research. Its initiatives take various forms, such as works of art, publications, exhibitions, websites and public.

About TOE Online Teaching Material Archive
The archive contains a collection of exercises designed by the artist educators from the programme. It aims to develop new teaching mode and new ideas for schoolteachers in their art teaching. It is not only about photography. It collects exercises that touch on different stages of the whole process of art learning such as “class prelude” that helps in class management, i.e. warm up exercises; “Visual Storytelling”, “Self-awareness” that helps discovering self and simple exercise on photography.

 Teaching Material Development Focus Group
As photography is still a new medium in secondary art education curriculum and it is found that some teachers could not implement it at school due to limited resources, TOE Online Teaching Material Archive is established in the hope of providing new ideas in Visual Arts teaching plan and the implementation at secondary schools. In order to better the archive, we are forming a focus group of 5 Visual Arts secondary school teachers and educators in arts who are willing to carry out the material in real scenarios and feedback us about the experience. For enquires, please email to  . ( There would be 4 meetings between members of the focus group and TOE programme director. )

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