Welcoming kaitak’s latest AIRs – Anna Reading and Diane Chappalley

15/08/2017 9:00 am – 14/10/2017 5:00 pm Location:
Presenter: Kaitak Centre for Research and Development

In the 2017-18 academic year, 8 emerging artists who graduated recently from their Master degree in Slade School of Fine Art of University College London have been invited to the “So Chau Yim Ping Distinguished Visiting Scholars and Artist-in-Residence Scheme” for a 2-month-long residency in kaitak Campus. The first pair of artists, Anna Reading and Diane Chappalley, will be on board with us from 15 August to 14 October. Please join us to welcome Anna and Diane!

So Chau Yim Ping Distinguished Visiting Scholars and Artist-in-Residence Scheme was launched in 2016 with the generous support from Mrs So Chau Yim Ping (Honorary University Fellow, Hong Kong Baptist University). The scheme aimed at inviting artists to base in the kaitak Campus of Academy of Visual Arts for sparkling exchanges in creativity, transferring the latest knowledge in art practice, promoting studio culture and fostering potential collaboration with students and faculty members.


Anna Reading

Working in sculpture, moving image, animation and performance, Anna’s practice is rooted in an interest of boundaries and borders and the uncertainty of where one thing ends and another begins. Hand-made organic forms produced from commodity materials explore the unsettled positioning of the body within controlled and virtual environments.

Value systems are questioned using substances related to currency and petroleum products, with works referencing the seabed and the

natural formation of oil. Synthetic and organic materials are layered, laminated and combined.

Hand drawn, looped animations of floating objects consider time and motion. Devices of repetition and blurring of boundaries give rise to an unsettled feeling — temporariness prevails in a perpetual feedback loop.

Exhibiting internationally, recent exhibitions include; Sequin In The Dustrag, Non-Space, Aarhus, Denmark; Object 77B, LG London; Holding The Vessel, The Chopping Block, London; Forwards: Beckwards, Dona Laura’s, Lisbon; Five Minutes, The Koppel Project, London. In 2015 Reading was awarded Siva-Finestone Scholorship at the Slade and was the winner of Creekside Open 2015.


Diane Chappalley

Diane Chappalley was born in Gruyères, Switzerland in 1991. She accomplished her BA at City and Guilds of London Art School in 2015, where she was awarded the Chadwyck-Healey Prize for Painting. In 2016, she was selected for the Marmite prize exhibition.She recently finished her Masters Study at the Slade School of Fine Art, where she has been attributed the Herbert Seaborn Memorial Scholarship for high achievement and the Olive prize in recognition of her imaginative use of colour.

About my practice: It is from sensory experiences; the synthesis and stimulation of new and past perceptions that the painting arises. My practice is a constant search in the making, one guided to reach a sense of known, but one that is not quite possible to pin down. I see my painting as the feeling of an experience, led by emotional situations issued from memory. Suspended in time, the depicted space allows a transient and timeless quality to coexist: an uneasy quietness. The work meets in a singular language, in the feeling contained in its silence. Seemingly on the threshold of meaning, the painting seems to come back to its intrinsic nature.

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