Workshop: Down on the Ground Above the Sky

If you are interested in video, performance, surveillance, aerial imaging, photography, new technologies or analogue strategies this Spring 2018 workshop might be perfect for you.

Down on the Ground Above the Sky is a semester-long (Spring 2018) research workshop led by the NYC based artist group eteam for students and recent alumni of the Academy of Visual Art at Baptist University Hong Kong. Participants will create a series of time-based works in the form of videos or performances and participate in the development of a new prototype drone equipped with a video projector. Instead of capturing information from underneath, this new drone can be used to screen videos and information to those below onto the ground and act as a tool to create works related to this temporality of emerging screen space and audience perspective.

Through discussions and experiments we will investigate how the content of the projections is altered depending on the space it is screened in, and what new forms of content consumption and audience behaviour are being introduced when a video is screened on the ground by an unmanned aerial vehicle in a public or private space.

Which spaces become accessible that have not been accessible before? What are the dangers and what are the benefits arising from this access? What are ways to interact with the light from above, what are ways to control and utilize the movement and height of the drone through moving images or performances?  Does this new technology allow for art to enter underserved or tightly controlled places? How do these consideration influence the work produced for this device?

The workshop group will conceive special works for and participate actively in the development of the video platform “Dry Drone Delivery”. This video platform will deliver and project videos via a customized, newly built drone, from above.

Throughout the semester the group will participate in the conceptual underpinning as well as the construction and structure of this platform.  Parallel to this development participants will conceive individual works that address the specific topics that surround the use of drones and this particular new tool. These works can range from single-channel videos to performances or other unique forms enabled by this device.

Topics that will be discussed and addressed (more will be added through the input of the course members) are:

  • Privacy
  • Public/private/transitional spaces
  • Point of view/viewpoint
  • Moving image
  • Audience
  • Engagement
  • Time, attention and surprise
  • Control and Autonomy
  • Formal issues of presentations
  • Narrative forms
  • Observation

The course will consist of weekly and bi-weekly meetings to discuss concepts, introduce relevant readings, field trips, conduct studio visits and address technical issues. Group meetings will be held at set dates throughout the semester. Meetings and meeting times can be agreed upon individually or as a group to accommodate finals or end-of-the-year projects. Four cornerstone symposia/presentations conducted by experts in the field of drones as they relate to the above-mentioned topics will frame the workshop. Participating students would be involved in the organization of these events and will gain valuable experience through this first-hand experience.

The final exhibition of the workshop will be a themed program of the created videos and performances, which will be presented at the end of the semester in Hong Kong and then travel to New York for a series of events inside and outside of New York City.

To express your interest in the participation of this workshop please send an email to Kevin Law.


Workshop leaders are Franziska Lamprecht & Hajoe Moderegger who form the art collaborative “eteam”.

eteam is a New York City-based artist collaborative whose work has been shown internationally at Museums, such as PS1 MoMA NY, Museum of Moderne Kunst, Vienna, Centre Pompidou Paris. They are recipients of a prestigious John Simon Guggenheim Award, a Creative Capital Award in Emerging Fields and two New York State Foundation for the Arts Awards.

Since 2001 eteam traffic in transience. At the intersection of relational aesthetics, the Internet and land art, eteam coordinates collective happenings and conceptual transactions between the earthly plane and the realms of the interweb, often reconstructed in hypnotic video work, radio plays, or more recently novellas and novels.

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