Through Our Eyes Photography Education Programme Orientation Day 2016 (10/9, 18/9)

Through Our Eyes Photography Education Programme Orientation Day


TOE 2016/17 has just started. On 10th and 18th September, we organized our first Orientation Day at Kai Tak Campus, greeting more than 200 students from 17 secondary schools. We aimed to introduce them basic photography skills and the spirit of the TOE Programme.
In the welcome speech, our Programme Director Ki Wong made it clear that TOE expects students to be seriously engaged in the process of artwork creation. By going through the process, they make use of photography to express and try to make it a daily habit. TOE does not only focus on basic photography techniques, but it also covers visual language, art analysis, work production including printing, studio lighting and darkroom printing. It provides students with a comprehensive picture of photography and image so that they could make use with the tools to understand their inner selves through observation,and to express their thoughts and emotions in artistic ways.
We prepared different interesting activities such as “Drum Circle” and four photography workshops. In “Drum Circle”, all the participants including the teachers enjoyed the harmonious rhythm together. The four workshops, “Camera Obscura”, “Aperture”, “Shutter” and “Darkroom”, demonstrated the basic concept of camera operation. The activities were all new trials to the students. Teachers reflected although students might not be able to absorb the knowledge immediately, the seeds planted would grow eventually.
It is a great pleasure to have support from all the staffs, helpers, TOE Artist Educators, teachers and students. Thank you all. We hope all TOE students will get fully involved in various workshops and enjoyed themselves throughout the journey.