• Artist-in-Residence — Charlie Barlow

    MFA Graduate of UCL Slade School of Fine Art

    Visiting Period: 27 October – 26 December 2018

    Charlie Barlow was born in Peterborough, UK 1992. She completed BA Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts (2014) and currently studies MA Fine Art Sculpture at Slade School of Art, UCL, London. Her material process-orientated practice sits between sculpture, performance and painting, addressing the ‘everyday’. Exhibitions include No Working Title, Tate Modern, London (2013), Public Presentation, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (2014), BAS8 Takeover, NUA, Norwich (2016), MEMEMEME, Crypt Gallery, London (2017), Platform 1, Bloomsbury Theatre, London (2018). She recently completed a residency with DYAD Creative, Norwich (2017) and was awarded the Clare Winsten Memorial Award by Slade School of Art (2017).

    Charlie Barlow exaggerates familiar everyday objects, mystifying the known through an experimental hand making process. Inert readymades such as rubber gloves, toilet rolls and bin bags take on uncontrollable living states; resting on the borderline of construction and deconstruction, order and chaos, beauty and disgust, their status never want to settle. Diverse in placement, scale, colour, texture, scent, sound, taste and touch, the works seek to disturb bodily senses and the psychological mind in a time where technological mediation and commodity representation prevails. With no respect for borders, positions or rules their deviant behaviour is unrestrained creatures infiltrate public space, and sticky substances like to attach themselves to the feet of passersby – chance encounters are open. Temporal in nature, the sculptures remain only in memories, photographs and material fragments; they refuse monumental fixity.

    The choice of materials points to inevitable cycles of production, consumption and waste, and more broadly, systems and boundaries; bodily, social and spatial. With an undercurrent of ecofeminism, Charlie cautions binary oppositions and moral ideals, viewing pollution as a necessary energy for social change.

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