• In Silico (2017), digital video, 11mins, installation view, IDEASTHESIA group show
  • In Silico (2017), installation shot
  • Automaton, installation shot
  • Automaton (2018), graduation work, exhibited at Bildmuseet, Umeå
  • Automaton (2018), graduation work
  • Artist-in-Residence — Laura Heuberger

    MFA Graduate of Umeå Academy of Arts

    Visiting Period: 9 March – 8 May 2019

    Laura Heuberger (b.1993) is a Swiss/Italian artist currently based in Umeå, Sweden. She studied New Technologies for the Arts and New media in Bologna, Milan and Tallinn during her BA. She is currently studying for her MA in Fine Arts in Umeå, Sweden. She interested in themes surrounding cybernetics, logistics and human cognition, and produces works in digital form, occasionally complemented by an installation.

     She is driven by compulsive curiosity, and she has been wondering how the world works. Some people will answer saying that it’s all a matter of labels and politics. Others will go with camps and prejudices. Others still will describe systems of energies, or particles and heat. She has developed a fetish for connections. Just like the maps, she was drawn to during childhood; her curiosity has led her to stick with the bird’s eye view, keeping her in between disciplines. Every new piece of information was fitted into my personal, floating conceptual map. She figured time ago that free association is the only thing that makes sense. No field lives independently, everything is connected. Feelings need graphs and laws of economics are tied to empathy. Her favourite themes come from neurosciences, linguistics, natural sciences, astronomy, geography and history of philosophy.

     Art, however, lives in between. It functions as a lens, a filter and X-rays. Art is a contrast fluid that reveals peculiarities, function and flaws of hidden structures. It highlights connections. In her practice she embraces this nature of art, creating hypothetical associations around a subject. The outcomes mostly exist in the digital realm, often in the form of video essays. Video, sound and writing are at the centre of her production, to which at times she adds sections in the physical space when needed, much like clues and evidence supporting a hypothesis.

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