• Artist-in-Residence — Rodrigo Arteaga

    MFA Graduate of UCL Slade School of Fine Art

    Visiting Period: 4 January – 5 March 2019

    Rodrigo Arteaga is interested in understanding our ways of understanding the world. His work has been focused on ideas about “nature” and “culture”, hopefully to collaborate on the rethinking of our notions of these concepts. He has worked mainly with scientific approaches to nature such as botany, microbiology, geography, natural history, cabinets of curiosities, anatomy and astronomy. He is interested in the fragility of knowledge and certainties, as in the way publications that had the ambition of having the newest and most exact observations of the world end up becoming obsolete and forgotten in old bookstores. Maybe it is a place in which ideas reach their limit in trying to explain the world by projecting our efforts to do so.

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