• Artist-in-Residence — Yuiha Yamaguchi

    MA Graduate of Nagoya Zokei Graduate School of Art & Design

    Visiting Period: 24 August – 23 October 2018

    Yuiha Yamaguchi has produced artworks of excessive expression as if she has played with the paint itself until now. She tried to find the way to overtake what she had been so far because she realised the limits of the impulsive production method.

    Therefore she gave a rule to her production process which made the process a little awkward.

    She became able to affirm her desire and impulsive expression by making the system to restrain herself. 

    Artworks which are beyond her prediction must be produced by thinking and introducing the system controlling an impulsive sensation inside herself. The texture of paints and clay can be directly felt with hands. The real feeling that she is touching something. The rule-making of her production process adds order to this real feeling. And This will become the means for her to connect to the world and the space outside her.