• 'A rock on the toe and a longing to pretend to resemble something else' and ' Nameless expedition'
  • 'Temporal monument to the tar queen: Laudable, sift, here one can be'
  • 'Branch-embracing-branch, a small stone on top of an approach of a bigger stone, the knife bread knife and what is will in a matter of time be broken down into smaller pieces and transformed into something else'
  • Installataion views
  • Installataion views
  • Installataion views
  • Artist-in-Residence — Jenny Käll

    MFA Graduate of Umeå Academy of Arts

    Visiting Period: 27 October – 26 December 2018

    Jenny Käll has a background in ceramics and studied her bachelor in ceramic and glass at Konstfack University in Stockholm and is currently studying her last year at the master program in fine art in Umeå University of the Arts, Sweden. Her practice is mainly focused on sculptures and installation in various materials and combinations. Tools like humour, craft and poetry and traces of memory, longing and mystic, all play a part in the installations. 

    “What is the relationship between a dried lemon and a towel? Why do the bones I found at the beach dress up so nicely in tiger pattern? Can communication that rest in things be a language in itself?

    Sometimes I feel like the linguistic language is not enough. Like it´s a simplification, that it is like a cover over what is talked about. I have a wish to reach out through a making, through sculptures and installations to the things that can’t be expressed in words, where the material language can speak up. Where we are.”

    Jenny’s working process consists of thinking, observing and sorting out. A kind of positioning where things change places (and I change place) meanwhile she tries to see how everything is connected.  She is often aiming to reach for a state where the non-sense make sense and use materials like wood glue, plaster, sand, salt, dough and orange peels to do so. Sometimes she thinks of the work as she dislocates the things, put them in a border area where the object and the viewer can revisit each other. As when an old friend been away on a journey and comes back home again with stories to tell. And you hear the stories, but you are more interested in listening beyond the spoken words where you can sense other stories of experiences remaining.  

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