Snip, oil on canvas, 127 x 127 cm, 2018
  • Beastly, oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm, 2018
  • I was feeling rather foxy, oil on canvas, 40 x 45cm, 2018
  • Princess S, oil on canvas, 140 x 200 cm, 2018
  • Artist-in-Residence — Ellie MacGarry

    MFA Graduate of UCL Slade School of Fine Art

    Visiting Period: 24 August – 23 October 2018 

    Born in Cambridge, UK in 1991, MacGarry is currently studying for her MFA in painting at the Slade school of art, and previously gained a first class honours degree in Fine Art at the University of Leeds. She has exhibited widely across the UK and internationally. 

    ‘I make drawings, paintings and sculptures which explore my sense of existence through thinking about public and private space. My interest in this spans many things: thinking about spaces and how we inhabit them; how we behave alone, in company and in public; how we cover and uncover our bodies and how we choose to reveal ourselves through language and artistic practice.’

    Ellie’s work attempts to convey these themes through her material engagement with paint and clay, and her ongoing investigation of colour, form, pattern and motif. The viewer is invited to look in, look through and come closer; she invites them to think about aloneness and touch, embarrassment and humour. Some of her works are made intuitively, while others stem from a thought, a feeling or an experience she has had. She is interested in playing with the display of her works so that a potential story could emerge; a tiny brush made of clay and hardened in the kiln might lie next to a painting of chest hair popping out of a tight shirt, to suggest such a brush as an imagined bodily tool, to comb those stray hairs into place.’

    In private we do as we please, indulging in guilty pleasures like eating ice cream in bed, giving in to our bodily desires, and carrying out dull everyday acts like combing our hair. But there is an ever-growing sense that even in these private moments we are being watched or seen, as urban populations increase in number and we increasingly share so many of our experiences through social media.

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