Teaching Materials - Exercise

60 Days Project

Name of Artist Educator: Enoch Cheung
Excercise Category: Self-awareness, Visual storytelling

Keep a photo journal of what you see and experience on a daily basis.

Concept / Inspiration:

Keep a photo journal of what you see and experience on a daily basis. When you review your photos, you might realise there is a pattern in your photo-taking process or discover certain themes you are truly interested in, so that you can develop a clearer direction in your artistic endeavour.


  1. To let students keep a daily record of their visual memories for 60 days
  2. To establish a habit of using their cameras to experience the world and their lives

Materials / Equipment:

  • Cameras



Workshop Description:

  1. The instructor will first introduce how photographers around the world treat photography as an everyday activity and their means to keep track of their lives and personal development. Show them the photos for their reference.
  2. Students can freely choose any themes and take as many photos as they like each day. For example, they can take photos of the same place every day, take a photo every morning when they get up, capture three interesting moments each day or take a “toy model” with them for outdoor shooting. The most important thing is to take photos regularly for 60 days.
  3. Students can make use of computer or an online calendar platform to organise the large number of photos taken during the project. Upon upload of photos onto the website, they will be categorised in date order. At the end of the project, students will have a visual overview of their 60-day photo journal.
  4. After the project, students will take turns to present their photo journals and share with the others their interests and strengths regarding different subjects and scenes. During the presentation, the instructor will be able to understand how students observe their surroundings and the things they encounter, as well as their personalities, how they see the world and their personal styles.


Actual Outcome:

The outcome of the project relies largely on the discipline of the students and whether they are motivated or not. If they fail to turn it into a daily habit, they cannot present a complete record of their artistic journey during the 60 days. Some of them only managed to show five to ten photos, so that it was difficult for the instructor to get a general picture of their thought patterns and creativity.


Selected work by Woo Chun Nin


Selected work by Loo Shuk Ping


Selected work by Wong Wing Hong


Selected work by Wong Pui Lam