Teaching Materials - Exercise

Appropriation 2 : Text and image

Name of Artist Educator: Leung Yiu Hong
Excercise Category: Imagery Reading

What is the relation between text and image? What are the role of text and image when they are juxtaposed?

Concept / Inspiration:

What is the relation between text and image? What are the role of text and image when they are juxtaposed?

Texts broaden the space for imagination while it can also display the events that have not appeared in the image. Text and image could trigger imagination instead of serving as literal interpretation or just simply a record. With the use of texts, it could bring some other coherence and impacts to the image. This could strengthen the effectiveness of narrative and therefore enhancing the meanings of the image.


To think of ways to transform the meaning of the images by adding texts, such as conceptually or artistically.

Materials / Equipment:

  • Old photos or postcards
  • Pens



Workshop Description:

Part One│Artist sharing

Tang Kwok Hin ─ I Call you Nancy

Tang recalled his sister who has died young. He imagined that what would happen if she did not die. He searched on the web with the word “Nancy” as the key word and made an album with all these pictures. He simply used text and medium to change the meaning of the images.


Part Two│Practice
Students are asked to choose a particular piece from the old photos or postcards. They would imagine that they were one of the characters in the photographs or the photographers. They have to think as the first person to imagine the story and narrate it with words. There is no restraint on the theme, content or tone.

Note 1: It is recommended to use the image that could arouse imagination, i.e. students would find it easier to reflect on if there is a person in the picture. They could experience both familiar and unfamiliar times and space. For example, the pastimes of Hong Kong depicted on the old postcards, it could retain the space for imagination.
Note 2: In terms of the principles of the image appropriation, the instructor believes that there would not be any morale problem as long as the artists uss the pictures fairly and in good faith. Also, the artists should reuse the image to enhance its meaning instead of using it to defame or malign the others.


Actual Outcome:

Some students found it uneasy to look into strangers’ lives. The instructor provided them with a third person angle to imagine, i.e. to think of themselves as a historian, alien, etc.


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Student Feedback:

Some students thought that the exercise was an invasion of privacy and resisted to participate in it.

Reference Materials:

Tang Kwok Hin  ─ I call you Nancy

Video: https://vimeo.com/41341194