Teaching Materials - Exercise

Capturing the lyrics

Name of Artist Educator: Chan Pak Kin
Excercise Category: Class Prelude

Words can depict and describe images. Sometimes words come as direct and straightforward, sometimes they are as abstract as incomprehensible.

Concept / Inspiration:

Words can depict and describe images. Sometimes words come as direct and straightforward, sometimes they are as abstract as incomprehensible. Images can translate and visualise abstract wordings, however, words can be polysemous that there are different ways of reading and understanding. While words alone may not be able to fully convey the depth of emotions, images may not accurately communicate the complexity of sentiments either. Through this exercise, it is hoped that students can grasp the complementary qualities of words and images, and give new understandings to these concepts.


  1. To let students set their emotions free through music.
  2. To let students experience the process of transforming words to images, so as to understand the relationship between the two.

Materials / Equipment:

  • Camera
  • Computer



Workshop Description:

Duration: 1 hour

  1. Play one or two canton pop music videos, for example, Eason Chan’s Salon and Ellen Loo’s Click.
  2. While the music plays, instructor would guide students to take note of the lyrics and the way the MV was shot.
  3. Instructor extracts words from lyrics, for example, “lovely”, “speed”, “fleeting image”, etc., and allocates one word to a student randomly.
  4. Students re-examine the lyrics carefully, and start shooting a collection of photos based on their understanding of the lyrics; each image should capture and reflect their insight.
  5. Students share their work with the class.

Note: It is better to have the shooting part as homework.

Expected Outcome:

Through the photos, instructor could have a brief idea of students’ way of understanding and interpreting things.

Actual Outcome:

Although some students had a more literal understanding of the lyrics than expected – for example, student allocated the phrase “evening light” ended up shooting lights in the evening – however , with the lyrics, students were motivated to observe even the trivial things in life, and they had their a brief understanding of their camera.


Student Chan Ka Wai
Lyrics: 【freezing the wonderful moments of today】
The student put a note marked with day and time in water and froze it. A clock with its second hand running one second to midnight was also captured.
1 2 3
4 5

Student Leung Hon Lan
Lyrics:【grasping the thickness of life】
Student shot his grandparents’ reflection on utensils when they cooked. Instructor reminded students that they should pay attention to things other than the protagonist as everything within the frame affects viewers’ perception. Therefore, they should consider the shooting angle or skipping things that are irrelevant to the subject.
6 7
8 9

Student Hui Shuk Ching
Lyrics: 【evening light】
Student captured the light outside the window, and how it met the indoor light, with an explanation: “only when both the indoor and outdoor lights are switched on that reflection on the window is shown.”

Student Lam Yuen Ching
When student shot this photo, the aperture and shutter were constantly adjusted in order to capture the speed of a moving vehicle.
13440006  13440007

Reference Materials:

Music Video of Eason Chan’s Salon

Music Video of Ellen Loo’s Click