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Hide Your Features (Outdoor photography series)

Name of Artist Educator: Enoch Cheung
Excercise Category: Class Prelude, Photographer's eye

When you meet someone for the first time, what do you remember most about that person?

Concept / Inspiration:

When you meet someone for the first time, what do you remember most about that person? His or her most defining feature might be a very straight nose, a pair of thick black frame glasses or a little dark spot on the right cheek. What are your signature features then? Can people still recognize you if those features are deliberately hidden from them?


This warm-up exercise allows students to reestablish connection with their body and reflect on their image through their photos. Instructor could take this opportunity to understand more about the students, therefore to raise their interests in photography and introduce basic photography knowledge, such as camera operation, aperture, shutter speed and composition.

Materials / Equipment:

  • Cameras
  • Paper


Any location

Workshop Description:

Ask students to form groups of two and identify the signature facial feature of their partner. They will mold a piece of paper into simple shapes and put it in front of the camera to cover that particular feature when taking photos of their partner.

enoch a1


Expected Outcome:

Students are encouraged to observe, think and create instead of taking photos for its sake. During the process, students should be able to rethink how to observe an object through camera, instead of just using camera as a record tool.

Actual Outcome:

During the “Hide Your Features” exercise, some students had already started with the next one called “Optical Illusion Photography” without knowing it. Some of them covered part of their partner’s face and drew new facial features or a hat on that piece of paper to create a new persona, such as a monk.


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Reference Materials:

This exercise is inspired by paper fashion:
enoch a5 enoch a6

Artwork by Kenneth Josephson
Kenneth Josephson02 Kenneth Josephson03 Kenneth Josephson04