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Map drawing exercise

Name of Artist Educator: Ellis Yip
Excercise Category: Photographer's eye

They took a closer look at the place they were living in, and began to fall in love with it.

Concept / Inspiration:

They took a closer look at the place they were living in, and began to fall in love with it.

Korean romance film Architecture 101 begins with architect Seung-Min meeting his first love Seo-Yeon in his office. 15 years ago, the ex-couple were classmates in Architecture 101 class, during which they were asked to draw their route to school on the map. Surprisingly, Seung-Min learnt that they shared the same starting point and route. The students were given the task of starting a journey in their neighbourhood. The alleyways, the roads, the buildings, the many things which they used to pass by casually were carefully observed and recorded. They took a closer look at the place they were living in, and began to fall in love with it.


Drawing reference from the plot, students draw their own route to school, and take photos when they are on their way. The exercise enriches their daily experiences and sparks curiosity and sensory perceptions towards their surroundings.

Materials / Equipment:

  • Architecture 101
  • Map of the school neighbourhood
  • Marker
  • Camera


Classroom and areas near school

Workshop Description:

  1. Play excerpts of Architecture 101 which introduces the map drawing scene.
  2. Invite students to mark their route to school on map.
  3. Pick the shortest route out of all, and start shooting in the street.
  4. During the walk, instructor may guide students in identifying any interesting and suitable themes, subjects, or ways to experience this route and interact with the passer-by.
  5. Students are required to submit at least 4 photos for further observation and practice.


Note 1: To take a further step, after an onsite field work, students can utilise their observations and come up with a story that takes place in that particular area. Students will produce images that narrate a story, the photo can be some everyday life moments, or it can be full of drama.


Actual Outcome:

During class:
Students are watching excerpts of Korean film Architecture 101.
1  2
Instructor is demonstrating shooting in different angles.
3 4

Students wanted to capture every little thing they encountered.


6 7
Students were very engaged, they took pictures of all the details they observed; instructor encouraged them to interact with hawker who was roasting chestnut. Through physical experience, they came to understand the community and built relationship with its people.


Student work

Chu Yuen Ling
8 9 10 11 12 13

Mak Kwan Tai

14 15

16 17

Reference Materials:

Architecture 101