Teaching Materials - Exercise

Nature Photography (Outdoor photography series)

Name of Artist Educator: Enoch Cheung
Excercise Category: Class Prelude, Photographer's eye

Relax, slow your breath down... what did you notice about the nature surrounding you?

Concept / Inspiration:

Relax, slow your breath down… what did you notice about the nature surrounding you? You might think there is nothing on the hilltop except a pavilion, but if you pay attention, there are also beautiful trees and grass in different shades of green. In this exercise, students are going to capture the subtle palettes of an open lawn.


This exercise allows students to study various shades of colours like how professional designers make use of a Pantone colour chart or how photographers work on colour grading. The point is to train their eyes and decrease their dependence on the camera.

Materials / Equipment:

  • Cameras


Outdoor areas

Workshop Description:

  1. Ask students to recognise the subtle green palettes in nature and take as many photos in different colour grade as they can.
  2. Though there are barely any “spectacular” photo subjects in an open lawn, students can still bring out its beauty by capturing the layers and subtle gradation of colours.
  3. Students can freely interpret the environment in their own way and any kind of camera setting is welcome – they don’t have to stick to the macro mode all the time.

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Actual Outcome:

Students managed to remain calm and observant after the “Walking Mindfulness” exercise. Unfortunately, it started raining in the middle of the exercise and their mood deteriorated.


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Reference Materials:

Subtle colour palettes and compositions: