Teaching Materials - Exercise

The colours of light

Name of Artist Educator: Peggy Chan
Excercise Category: Technical exercise

Colours are the most significant elements for visual artistic creations......

Concept / Inspiration:

Colours are the most significant elements for visual artistic creations. By making good use of colours, it helps on delivering atmosphere and feelings. This exercise helps students by using different colour of cellophanes, to create interesting lighting effects, as well as encouraging them to pay more attention on colours.


1.To learn the use of lightings.
2.To learn the relationship between lighting, colour and image.

Materials / Equipment:

  • Camera and mobile phone
  • Different colour papers
  • Different colour cellophanes
  • LED light stick or flashlight
  • Photo printer or normal printer


Inside Classroom

Workshop Description:

The use of light and colour | 20 minutes
Educator explains the use of lightings through different artists’ works or movies, let students to get to know the relationship between lightings and images.

Photography practice | 40 minutes
Provide different types of lamps and colour papers, allow students to try to use lightings to create images with different atmosphere. Through photo shooting, let students to experience the effects of lightings to the image colours. Educators first let students be the model in person for shooting, afterwards let them to adopt what they have learnt onto character figures or other objects. Students coordinate with each other to pick the paper for background, and then use flashlights of mobile phones or LED lights as light source. The required equipments are very simple and suitable to be operated at school.

During shooting progress, apart from the use of colours, students should also be reminded about the lighting angles. Educator could also teach students with simple compositions to avoid students having preconceived analysis. Educator could first allow students to choose the colour they preferred for shooting, and then discuss on their actual products and the atmosphere brought by the colours in the later discussion session.

Discussion | 20 minutes
After photography session, educator could instantly develop the products into photos. During the process of film development, educator could explain the principle of printing and introduce the theory of CMYK, and then discuss about the function of colours together.


Objective: To strengthen students’ imagination ability towards colour. They are expected to continuously explore some examples of applying colours, and develop visual language about colours and accumulate those experiences.

Content: Take a picture about colours everyday.

Instructions: Pick an image with colours as main tone from materials like magazines, postcards, books, promotional leaflets, etc., or find an object related to colours and take a picture. The form is not restricted, it could be three-dimensional, sound or video. Jot down the date, time, location and the feeling of that moment (for examples: happy, bored, tedious, relaxing).

Homework topic: Colours


Wan Long Yan

Chan Hiu Ying, Joyce

Rene Esther Albino