• TOE Alumni

    Through Our Eyes Photography Education Programme (TOE) devotes to organise photography workshop to young people and the wider community in order to offer them new insight into seeing things from their own perspectives, rediscovering the connections between their inner selves and their families, communities, cultures and social environments and to inspire their creativity.

    Since our founding, TOE has reached hundreds of young photography lovers. Other than their learning from TOE, we are also concerned about their development in photography or other art form after the programme. Hence, we establish TOE Alumni. We aim to make it a space for the members to continue exploring photography. We aim to make it a space for them to fulfill their aspirations with companions freely.

    We are now developing growing opportunities for TOE Alumni. The followings are the service provided:

    1. Free usage of professional photography facility and equipment, including darkroom, studio with lightings, book binding tools and printers (printing materials fee required), and free borrow of books about photography, art and education.
    2. Regular gatherings, technique/ theme-based creative workshops, artwork sharing and critique, artist sharing, etc.
    3. Opportunities to continue artwork creation and publish your own works, including TOE photozine, a platform that nurtures spirit of individual publishing.

    Professional Photography Facility and Equipment Booking

    Library Booklist

    Facility Opening Hour:

    Regular Opening hour: Weekdays,9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.

    Other Times: Weekends*

    *Please refer to the Available Booking Time Slot.

    Reserved for TOE Artist Educator, teaching assistant, alumni and current students only.